Cervara di Roma – The artists’ village

Cervara di Roma is a small village of about 450 inhabitants in Lazio. It rises 1,053 meters above sea level and is the highest municipality in the province of Rome and second highest after the town of Filettino (Fr) in Lazio. Cervara is part of the Regional Park of Simbruinis, the largest nature reserve of Lazio. It is part of the club of authentic villages of Italy and in 1991 the magazine Airone, with the support of the European Community, has given the diploma of Ideal Village in Italy.

Cervara di Roma

This is certainly one of the most beautiful and characteristic villages of the region. Fascinating for the beauty of its streets , its location , in the way that has been built in harmony with the rock. Cervara is named ” the artists’ village “, in fact in recent centuries many artists from all over the world have come here to find a lot of inspiration from the beauty of the place. Among the many personalities linked to Cervara, stands out on all the famous composer, musician and conductor Ennio Morricone, an honorary citizen. The old town retains many remains of the medieval period. At the highest point of the village are the ruins of the ancient fortress of Cervara . Among the places of worship should be mentioned the beautiful Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built entirely of local stone, has an ancient bell tower and a portal of the fifteenth century AD Inside are paintings of the seventeenth century . Just outside the village is the small church of Santa Maria della Portella which takes its name from its location , that is, outside the village . Worth a visit the Museum of the Mountain that offers the visitor an educational system consisting of cards in Italian, in English and in Braille.

In addition to its picturesque village , Cervara of Rome has fantastic natural beauty . In the resort Prataglia at an altitude of 1110 meters above the village there is the wildlife reserve of the Deer . Going up to 1430 meters we find the fraction of Campaegli , where the houses has built in stone and wood in the full respect of the environment. The magic of nature without leaving word here thanks to the immense karst plateaus surrounded by beautiful beech woods. Great place in any season of the year.

You can enjoy a variety of sports including : horseback riding , cross country skiing , mountain biking and hiking. Through the many trails , maintained by the Park Simbruinis , you can reach in a short time, fascinating places such as Monte Calvo ( 1591 m) or the ruins of the castle of Prugna , the ancient village of Camerata Vecchia or the pristine Camposecco’s plateau , the latter film set numerous Spaghetti Westerns , including ” They Call Me Trinity ” .

If you are looking for a particular place and charming and unspoilt village of Cervara di Roma and the Regional Park of Simbruinis is the place for you. Be reached in an hour by car from Rome

Vote for the beauty is 8,5/10



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